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We have built our reputation on the ability to identify and pursue unique market opportunities where we can add value through the experience, capability, and technical expertise of our people.

Our core business of chemical manufacture is principally around industrial feedstock products such as chlorine, caustic soda, cyanide, methanol, and related products.

Coogee is focused on partnering with companies that in addition to having the right capabilities and complementary skill-sets, have an established culture of transparency and openness.

We believe this approach drives mutual benefit in growth and further longer-term opportunity. We continue to build business with partners and/or customers including AMPOL, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, VIVA Energy Australia, Alcoa, BHP, CSBP, TRONOX, Water Corporation.

The commitment of our people, our alliances with existing and new partners, and our focus on quality, safety of operations, and service excellence remains critical to our future success.

The Coogee business includes:

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacture at Kwinana and Kemerton in Western Australia, Laverton in Victoria, Brisbane and Mt Isa in Queensland, and in Malaysia. This includes the operation of 4 Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs). We produce a wide range of industrial, agricultural and mineral processing chemicals for supply to both the Australian and international markets.

Chemical reagent plants

Chemical reagent plants servicing large mines at Mount Isa in Queensland. The site, which consists of a Liquid Xanthates manufacturing facility, as well as a Copper Sulphate and a Sodium Bisulphite mixing facility, holds and maintains a Major Hazard Facility licence.

Shore-side tank terminal facilities

Shore-side tank terminal facilities across Australia. Our largest operation in Western Australia handles the import, export and storage of chemicals as well as petroleum products for local distribution – including road tanker and rail capacity to deliver petrol and diesel to retail outlets, mine sites, and farming communities.

Dangerous Goods Transport

Dangerous Goods transport fleet operations in Western Australia and Queensland. We own Dangerous Goods isotainer storage facilities at Kwinana and Mt. Isa.

Sodium Cyanide Plant

A sodium cyanide plant at Kwinana, Western Australia, for manufacture and distribution within Australia and for export overseas - operated as a Joint Venture with Wesfarmers/CSBP.

Titanium Metal Powder Facilities

R&D divisions that include Coogee Titanium (a pilot-scale titanium metal powder production facility – TiRO process - in partnership with CSIRO), and our GEM (Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol) blended fuel project being developed as a ‘drop in’ premium fuel for motor vehicles.

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