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Coogee Chemicals announces over $40 million investment into Queensland. Critical support in place for Queensland’s Water Treatment Industries

Coogee Chemicals is to invest over $40 million to expand its Elite Chemicals Chlor- alkali facility adjacent to the Port of Brisbane, doubling its capacity by the end of 2015.

In an announcement on Wednesday (July 2, 2014), Coogee Chemicals Managing Director Tim Martin indicated the Elite Chemicals expansion will play a critical role in servicing increasing demands for the coal seam gas industry’s water management needs.

“We currently produce some 40 electrochemical units (ECU1.) per day of sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda at our plant. But with increasing demand, particularly from the water treatments’ needs of the expanding coal seam gas industry, and with a reduction in local supply options after the closure by Orica of its Yarwun Chlor-alkali facility at Gladstone, we have identified a supply gap in the existing water treatment market,” Mr Martin said.

“This has convinced us to undertake this significant investment which also allows additional capacity to be added to our plant for future demand.”

The output from Coogee Chemicals’ Brisbane plant are critical water treatment products needed across the state in everything from swimming pools to the treatment of drinking and waste water.

“Coogee Chemicals acquired Elite Chemicals in 2012, and this facility has seen considerable organic growth over the last two years,” Mr Martin said.

“This new low-emission, minimal effluent plant utilising state of the art technology, will minimise power consumption, and allow for the retirement of energy hungry older technology at the site.”

Coogee has been safely operating two Chlor-alkali plants in Western Australia for 25 years.

Water as a by-product of the coal seam gas industry has seen stringent water management regulations and legislation designed to safeguard landholders’ water supplies.

The water extracted is required to be made good for purpose, and because of its containment within coal seams, this usually requires treatment prior to use in agriculture or for consumption.

Coogee Chemicals’ Lytton plant is the only Chlor-alkali plant in Queensland and also provides water treatment options for most of the larger public pools and water treatment facilities in the state.

“Coogee Chemicals intends to continue as a long-term supplier to industry in Queensland and around Australia and will review any additional growth opportunities as they arise,” Mr Martin said.


Elite Chemicals

Elite Chemicals is Queensland’s largest manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda. Our manufacturing facility is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elite Chemicals has depots and offices in Cairns, Townsville, Bowen, Gladstone and Adelaide.


Coogee Chemicals

Established in 1971, Coogee Chemicals has grown to be a significant chemicals manufacturer and dangerous goods storage and transport operator around Australia.

Based at Kwinana Beach in Western Australia, Coogee Chemicals operates ten manufacturing plants and a number of bulk liquid terminals around Australia. As well as the expansion to its Brisbane facility.

Coogee Chemicals has chemicals manufacturing plants in Western Australia, Queensland and Malaysia, and operates transport and storage facilities throughout the rest of mainland Australia.

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