Coogee prioritises safe and environmentally responsible operations in every aspect of our operations.

Safety and Compliance

The safety and wellbeing of our people, operations and the communities we operate in is a fundamental consideration in everything we do at Coogee and is essential for the success of our business.

We believe that safety is achieved through sustained focus and hard work, involving all of the Coogee team, all of the time.

We acknowledge the trust and responsibility placed in the Coogee team to manage the hazards potentially present in our workplace, processes, vehicles and plants.

We are committed to having good processes and tools, along with competent, diligent people to provide effective risk controls, ensuring we are compliant with regulatory requirements.

The care and the effort that we place in health and safety in our workplaces and during our work, will ensure the health and safety of our workforce, contractors and customers and ultimately the wider community.

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Our People

At Coogee we pride ourselves on our greatest asset, our people. Our culture is based on our core values of trust, integrity, quality, innovation, safety and teamwork. We are committed to the development of our people in a dynamic workforce. The safety and health of our people comes first in our decisions. We respect the rights of all our people and value their diversity and differences.

Our people are presented with opportunities to make a difference to maintain our status as an employer of choice. We actively promote the enhancement of the wellbeing of our employees by offering a range of complementary services that encourage a positive, healthy lifestyle.

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The Environment

Coogee is committed to protecting our environment and minimising the environmental impacts associated with our activities, products and services. We have developed a robust environmental management system with a strong emphasis on continual improvement in environmental performance, which we believe is essential for the success of our operations.

At Coogee we understand there has never been a more important time to reduce our environmental footprint. As such, we continue to invest in renewable energy, waste minimisation and diversion, and increased efficiencies throughout the business.

Coogee has a long history of creating ‘green’ environments around our sites. Over the decades, we have planted thousands of native trees and other vegetation to promote a high level of biodiversity and an appreciation of the beauty of Australian flora.

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The Community

Coogee has always been an active member in the community by supporting local programs, charities and non-profit organisations. We are active in our local industry councils and forums.

We provide local employment, apprenticeships, graduate programs, training and work experience ensuring that our local communities benefit and grow as we do.

When it comes to projects, maintenance and supply, our preference is to award contracts to local businesses and services, ensuring expertise and benefit is grown and retained locally.




Coogee is delighted to support the “Water Does Matter” project in Zambia, which aims to improve rural communities’ health and living standards with clean water. The below “Water Does Matter” video, by Joseph Mwansa, demonstrates the fundamental need in the Zambian community and the sustainable improvement it is making in the lives of the Zambian people.

Major Hazard Facilities

Amongst Coogee’s operating sites we have four locations which are classified as Major Hazard Facilities (MHF). Our MHF sites are significant in the nature and volume of dangerous goods we store and handle. The special requirements of these facilities mean that we have a strict focus on hazard identification, risk assessment and layers of protection.

Our MHF sites in Mt Isa (QLD), Kwinana (WA), and Kemerton (WA) are subject to routine regulatory audits and inspections in addition to Coogee’s continual focus on hazard management and process improvement. These sites manage a diverse range of hazardous materials ranging from liquefied chlorine gas, to bulk fuels, industrial reagents (such as Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sodium Hypochlorite) and specialty materials such as Carbon Disulphide, Vanadium Trichloride, Magnesium, Titanium Tetrachloride and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Our technical capabilities and skillset in transporting, handling, storing, using and producing such materials at our MHF locations are reflected in our approach to safety and risk management. Coogee is highly regarded by our partners and customers in being able to safely deliver products and outcomes consistently and reliably.

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