Coogee is focused on partnering with like-minded companies with the right capabilities and complementary skill-sets, as well as an established culture of transparency and openness. We believe this approach drives mutual benefit in growth and further longer-term opportunity.


The commitment of our people, our alliances with existing and new partners, and our focus on quality, safety of operations, and service excellence remains critical to our future success.

Our Partnerships


Sodium Cyanide Plant

The Sodium Cyanide plant, located at CSBP Limited’s chemical and fertiliser complex in Kwinana, is a joint venture between Coogee (25% shareholding) and CSBP – a subsidiary of Wesfarmers (75% shareholding). The plant is managed by Australian Gold Reagents Pty Ltd (AGR), and has won a number of engineering excellence awards for its innovative design, and emphasis on safety and efficiency.

Commissioned in 1988, the plant was the first of its kind in Australia. It was established to service the growing gold mining industry in Western Australia, where Sodium Cyanide is used for the extraction of gold. Since this time, the plant has been upgraded and is now capable of producing up to 78,000 tonnes of liquid Sodium Cyanide per annum.

For further information, including the manufacturing process of Sodium Cyanide, please follow this link.

Visit Australian Gold Reagents Website

Pacific Iron Products

A joint venture between Coogee Chemicals and Venator is producing Ferrous Sulphate under the name Pacific Iron Products Sdn Bhd (PIP) on the east coast of Malaysia. The plant was commissioned in 1997 and is still the largest producer of Ferrous Sulphate products in South East Asia.

In addition to selling Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate and Monohydrate in Australia and Malaysia, Pacific Iron Products markets to other countries in Asia Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Americas regions.

To maintain the highest standards of product for feed safety, PIP has been accredited with the FAMI-QS certification since 2008. FAMI-QS is a pre-eminent global Quality and Feed Safety Management System for the sector of Specialty Feed Ingredients. PIPs plant and sales office are FAMI-QS certified for the production and trading of Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate and Heptahydrate products.

Gladstone Acid Terminal

The Gladstone bulk liquids terminal services the central Queensland area with Sulphuric Acid import capability.

  • 13,000 MT Sulphuric Acid Terminal.
  • Capacity to expand to other products.
  • Road tanker dispatch facility.
  • Future export capability.

The sulphuric acid terminal supplies the local Gladstone Alumina industry and the wider water treatment and mining activities in central Queensland.
The terminal is a Joint Venture between Coogee Chemicals and Sumitomo Australia Pty Ltd.

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