In line with one of our core values, we see the search for innovative approaches to products, processes and operations as critically important to the future of Coogee and our industry in Australia.

World-scale Methanol Plant

Coogee is exploring opportunities to construct in Australia the most energy and carbon efficient world-scale methanol plant. The project plans to use Johnson Matthey plc (UK) ‘Leading Concept Methanol’ (LCM) technology – a compact and fully electrified flowsheet that enables use of renewable power combined with an integrated Gas Heated Reformer (GHR) for the production of methanol. This technology has been demonstrated successfully by Coogee at our Melbourne facility since 2000. The production capacity of the new facility could reach 1.8Mtpa.

The same Gas Heated Reformer flowsheet is currently being developed for production of blue hydrogen at several sites across United Kingdom. This “Low Carbon Hydrogen” (LCH) technology has been selected at the Acorn Hydrogen Project as well as the Hynet Hydrogen Project – each have received significant funding from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of UK government’s strategy for decarbonising industry.

With our 20+ year hands-on GHR experience, Coogee is pleased to be at the forefront of the further development and implementation of the GHR flowsheet – for methanol and hydrogen.

Methanol Process

Titanium Technology Centre

Since 2008 Coogee Titanium has been driven to impact the future of metal powder technology.

Our Titanium Technology Centre pilot plant was established in 2013. The facility houses proof of concept, through to pre-production scale capabilities for Titanium, Titanium alloys and other metal systems.

For more information on Coogee’s developing and commercialising a revolutionary melt free titanium alloy powder technology process refer to our Titanium Alloy Powder page.

Titanium Alloy Powder

New Bulk Chemical Storage

In April 2020, Coogee reached the final investment decision on significant new bulk storage at our Kwinana site to store liquid fertilizer (UAN), as well as expand existing tankage for Caustic Soda to support WA Agriculture and the Lithium Industry respectively.

UAN is a key product used by farmers in Western Australia and the new 50,000MT dedicated tankage and associated road-tanker gantries will provide security of supply and enhanced efficiency through major peak crop growing periods.

Caustic Soda is an essential feedstock used in the Lithium industry. Coogee currently manufactures Caustic Soda at its chlor-alkali facilities located at Kwinana and also Kemerton, Western Australia. The new additional bulk tankage will increase our storage capacity at Kwinana to 100,000 metric tonnes.

Coogee is an established major tank terminal services provider and have major tank terminals across Australia. We remain independent and our terminal storage and services are provided on an efficient commingled model that enables optimised import shipping logistics.

The UAN and Caustic Soda major tank terminals will be directly connected by pipeline to the Kwinana Bulk Jetty (KBJ).

The UAN storage tanks are now operational, and the Caustic Soda storage tanks will be fully commissioned by early 2022.

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