Our Capability

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40 Years Experience / Private Company / Over 400 employees

Specialist Areas

  • Bulk Liquid Terminals and Depot facilities across Australia.
  • Manufacturing facilities in WA & QLD.
  • Complementing our service offering with a Dangerous Goods transport network in WA, NSW and QLD.
  • Kwinana Dangerous Goods Storage Facility (KDGS), where individual classes of non-compatible dangerous goods can be stored safely.

Terminal Facilities

100% Coogee owned and operated tank terminal facilities across Australia:

  • Kwinana, WA          High throughput Fuel & Chemical Products Terminal.
  • Kwinana, WA          Coogee Acid Terminal Sulphuric Acid.
  • Port Hedland, WA   Sulphuric Acid and Caustic Soda.
  • Gladstone, QLD      Sulphuric Acid.

Kwinana Tank Terminals is Western Australia's multi-purpose Bulk Liquid Dangerous Goods Terminal

The Kwinana Fuel and Chemical Tank Terminal is WA's largest multi-purpose Bulk Liquid Dangerous Goods Terminal. It provides terminal services to fuel and chemical customers including Caltex, Viva, Puma, BP, Exxon Mobil, BHP and CSBP. 

  • 164,000 cubic metres capacity suitable for a wide range of liquid chemicals including Dangerous Goods.
  • Tanks sizes ranging from 60 Cubic metres to 12,000 Cubic metres.
  • Infrastructure designed to enable maximum operating flexibility and Terminal efficiency.
  • Ship import capability for Fuel or Chemical cargos from Kwinana Bulk Berths No.3 or No.4
  • BP refinery supply diesel and petrols directly via 2 dedicated pipelines.
  • The pipelines and manifold configuration allows for any of the 6 import lines to connect to any of the 4 pipelines that run from the Industry manifold to any of the 5 Coogee owned and managed Terminals.

The Coogee Sulphuric Acid Terminal is the largest Sulphuric Acid Bulk Storage facility in Western Australia and the second largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

With import, export and road tanker filling capabilities, Coogee Terminal has significant expansion capacity on Coogee's freehold land, with potential for 180ML+ of new tankage and flexible pipeline options offering reliable supply.


Open Access Terminal - fully automated industry standard access.

Infrastructure designed to enable maximum operating flexibility and terminal efficiency.

Our customers: Caltex, Viva, BP, Puma, Exxon Mobil.

  • Commingled storage of Diesel, ULP91, PULP95 & Premium 98.


  • Coogee has a large fleet of dedicated road tankers and Isotainers.
  • Coogee have rail capability in WA (two dedicated rail sidings) and QLD.
  • Product is delivered to the customers site and unloaded into the storage tank, using onboard pumps.
  • Coogee drivers are Licensed, DG Certified, fully equipped in  appropriate PPE.

Chlor-Alkali Facilities

We have three Chlor-Alkali manufacturing facilities located in; Lytton QLD, Kwinana WA and Kemerton WA. Each facilities produces Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid and Caustic Soda for the water treatment industry, swimming pool industry and local industrial customers.

Contact us for information about our dedicated distribution network servicing NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA.

For more information contact enquiry@coogee.com.au

“The company prides itself on long term relationships built with its many customers, large and small, on the foundation of excellent service and the highest commitment to safety and quality.”

Gordon Martin