Transport, Logistics and Dangerous Goods

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Coogee offers all of its Western Australian customers a transport service from its manufacturing plants and tank terminals to the point of use.  Over the past twenty years, Coogee has grown the fleet to take full advantage of innovations and statutory regulations to the point where we now have a large fleet of prime movers and over sixty items of trailing equipment, including in excess of thirty dedicated dangerous goods road tankers.

Coogee operates its dangerous goods transport from Kwinana, south of Perth in Western Australia to all points in WA from Albany and Esperance in the south, through all points of the eastern Goldfields and Gascoyne, through to the north-west of the state to Telfer gold mine and Nifty copper mine.  We deliver sulphuric acid, caustic soda, xanthate and other dangerous goods as a specialist service to many of the state's largest companies including Alcoa, CSBP and the Water Corporation.

Additionally, Coogee's transport capability includes servicing Queensland with a fleet of drivers and vehicles including both iso-tainers and road tankers dedicated to the transport of Dangerous Goods such as Ammonia, Sulphuric Acid, Xanthates, Copper Sulphate and Caustic throughout Queensland. The Queensland Transport group operates out of Townsville, Mount Isa and Gladstone.

Dangerous Goods Storage

Dangerous Goods Storage

Coogee has established the Kwinana Dangerous Goods Storage Facility (KDGS), where individual classes of non-compatible dangerous goods can be stored safely using world’s-best practice of segregation and separation according to all regulations controlling these goods.

Most types of cargo can be stored within the Kwinana facility, whether Dangerous Goods, or simply general cargo containers. The KDGS is an AQIS-approved site and licensed as a bonded store for Customs. Coogee’s transport also provides logistics for container and ISO transport including container lifting, loading, shipping, booking, steam and water-heating of ISO’s as a one-stop shop, so please call on 08 9439 8353 for pricing and other details.


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