Sodium Cyanide Plant in Kwinana Beach, WA

Sodium Cyanide Plant in Kwinana Beach

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The sodium cyanide plant, located at CSBP Limited’s chemical and fertiliser complex in Kwinana, is a joint venture between Coogee Chemicals (25% shareholding) and CSBP – a subsidiary of Wesfarmers (75% shareholding). The plant is managed by Australian Gold Reagents Pty Ltd (AGR), and has won a number of engineering excellence awards for its innovative design, and emphasis on safety and efficiency.

Commissioned in 1988, the plant was the first of its kind in Australia.  It was established to service the growing gold mining industry in Western Australia where sodium cyanide is used for the extraction of gold.

Since this time, the plant has been upgraded and is now capable of producing up to 78,000 tonnes of liquid sodium cyanide per annum.

Approximately half of the liquid sodium cyanide produced is used in the local market in Western Australia, whilst the remaining half is converted into solid sodium cyanide and sold in export markets including Africa, South America and Laos.  The raw materials used in the plant are ammonia from the neighbouring CSBP plant, natural gas through the Dampier to Bunbury pipeline, and caustic soda supplied from Coogee Chemicals’ tank terminal and from our own chlor-alkali plants.

The liquid sodium cyanide is transported in isotainers to the Goldfields where it is used as a reagent in gold extraction. Solid sodium cyanide is packaged into boxes and exported in shipping containers.

For further information, including the manufacturing process of sodium cyanide, please follow this link to the AGR website.

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