Chlor-Alkali Plant in Kemerton, WA

Chlor-alkali Plant in Kemerton


Coogee Chemicals is Australia’s second largest manufacturer of chlor-alkali products with three chlor-alkali facilities across Australia – two in the Perth region of Western Australia and one in Lytton, Queensland. The business was established to service the emerging local titanium dioxide pigment industry as dedicated suppliers of bulk chlorine and caustic soda feedstock.

Our primary raw material is solar salt harvested from an inland salt lake in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Secondary products include hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite, and these two products, together with caustic soda are sold into the chemical, mineral processing, mining, water treatment, galvanizing and swimming pool markets.

Our History

Our first plant commenced production in 1988 supplying a new, greenfield, titanium dioxide pigment plant, located in the Kemerton Industrial Park, near Bunbury. The chlor-alkali plant uses German designed Lurgi monopolar membrane cells to produce chlorine and caustic soda by the electrolysis of pure brine, and has given very reliable service for over 20 years.

A second identical sister plant, located in the Kwinana Industrial Area, was started up in 1991 to supply feedstock for the local pigment plant. The production capacity of the Kwinana plant was recently expanded with the commissioning, in early 2010, of a second chlorine production train and an upgrade of common site infrastructure servicing both the old and new cell rooms. The new chlorine capacity at Kwinana is produced in a UK designed Ineos BiChlor membrane electrolyser. This is a "state of the art" large scale bipolar cell with significantly lower energy consumption than the older Lurgi cells.

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