Liquid Xanthate

What Are They?

Liquid Xanthate is orange to orange brown solution with characteristic pungent xanthates odour, which can be a foul or offensive odour to people, especially to people that are not associated with the metal extraction industry.

Commonly used Xanthates are

  • Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, SEX
  • Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate SIBX
  • The name and type of a xanthate is determined by the alcohol from which it is manufactured. SEX is manufactured from Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol)

Where Are They Used?

Xanthates are used in the mining industry as flotation collectors of gold, silver, lead, copper or nickel ores. The flotation circuit produces air bubbles covered in concentrated metal ore, which are recovered as concentrate.

What Do We Manufacture?

We manufacture :

  • Liquid SEX :  Sodium Ethyl Xanthate
  • Liquid SIBX : Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate.

The liquid xanathate is transported to the mine site by road tankers and transferred into the site Xanthate storage tank, eliminating the need to handle and dissolve solid material. We also completely eliminate the packaging waste by sourcing all raw materials as bulk liquids and deliver  the product in dedicated liquid road tankers.

Dithiocarbamate Solution

What is it?

Dithiocarbamates are a class of specialty chemicals used in Water Treatment and agriculture as soil fumigants and fungicides.  

What Do We Manufacture?

We currently manufacture Metham Sodium

Where is it applied?

Typically as a soil fumigant


Please contact our Sales Department on 08 9439 8200 or email if you require information about our Xanthate products.