Seizing Emerging Opportunities

In line with one of our core values, we see the search for innovative approaches to products, processes and operations as critically important to the future of Coogee Chemicals and our industry in Australia.

Coogee Titanium

Our Titanium Technology Centre pilot plant was established in 2013. The facility houses proof of concept through to pre-production scale capabilities for Titanium, Titanium alloys and other metal systems.

Please visit our Titanium Alloy Powder product page for further information.

Gas to Liquids – the Future of Methanol

In 2000 Coogee purchased the Methanol Research Plant at Laverton in Melbourne from BHP Billiton. This manufacturing plant was built using new and innovative technology that allowed for a relatively small footprint. It was planned to scale-up the plant on a floating production and storage vessel for offshore use, taking advantage of stranded gas fields. Over the past decade we have continued to progress the technology and have made huge gains in output and efficiency.

However, with the discovery of many large scale coal seam gas and shale gas onshore reserves around the world in recent years, opportunities have changed. In China, and a number of other countries, millions of tonnes of methanol are being used to blend with petrol for transport use.  These ‘GEM’ (Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol) blended fuels are being developed and trialed by Coogee in Australia. Australia is a net exporter of gas and a significant importer of liquid fuels. There is great potential to reduce that differential by turning gas into liquid fuel, and methanol production is one of the most effective, efficient and environmentally safe means of doing this. We are now looking at the potential to use Australia’s plentiful natural gas resources to build a world scale methanol plant using our best in class technology.

Worldscale Methanol Plant

Coogee is developing a project to construct the world’s most energy and carbon efficient methanol plant. This will be done through the commercialisation of a new high value-add, world scale methanol plant which will utilise an energy efficient and low-carbon manufacturing process to provide significant reductions in emissions. The proposed new facility will be one of the largest methanol plants globally and will have a production capacity of 1.8 million tonnes per annum. The manufacturing process will be based on the scale-up of the LCM technology, a pilot version of which is currently in use at Coogee’s Laverton plant. If successful, the plant will set a new global benchmark for large scale, low carbon chemical production. For more information please contact

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